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Oral Hygiene And Its Relation To Gingivitis

Published / by Karma Gill

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gum that hold the teeth in place. This is one of the causes of tooth loss in adults and the disease occurs mainly due to poor brushing and flossing.The tooth is held in place by the gum. Poor practices of dental hygiene may lead to the accumulation of microorganism the leads to inflammation of the gums that results in bleeding wile brushing. The disease can be classified based on their clinical appearance (ulcerative, hemorrhagic, necrotizing, purulent) or etiology (drug induced, nutritional, plaque induced) and duration (acute, chronic) the most common one is the plaque induced.Plaque is film of bacteria that forms on the surfaces of the tooth, initially colorless but as it accumulates, they progress to become brown/ yellow color and harden which becomes difficult to remove with normal brushing and needs the help of dentist coolangatta.

Within 4-5 days of plaque accumulation the white blood cells which are the defending agents of the body against microorganism congregate and initiates an inflammatory reaction which progresses to chronic inflammation and causes erosion of the gum forming pockets in the gum which leads to separation from the tooth. Since there is lesion in the gum simple acts like brushing, flossing and chewing can cause the gums to bleed.Usually the patient with gingivitis presents with bleeding gums, swollen gums, painful gums and bad breath. If not treated in the initial stages may lead to a more serious disease called the periodontitis this is the exacerbation of gingivitis. The inflammation progresses to the soft tissue and affect the bone too causing tooth loss. Other complications include bacteremia, that is the spread of the bacteria to the blood stream, once bacteria enter blood stream this can circulate and station at the heart causing cardiovascular problems; lead to abscess formation on the gum and also known to have an association with low birth weight.

Gingivitis is not untreatable; patient should be advised to visit dentist Tweed Heads for the removal of plaque and tartar. Good oral hygiene should be encouraged; proper brushing and flossing. It has been seen that brushing with fluoride in chronic gingivitis has reduced progression of the disease and rinsing the mouth with chlorhexidine after brushing has also shown beneficial effects. Proper practice of oral hygiene can prevent plaque related problems.Other causes of gingivitis may be due to hormonal changes, observed during puberty, menopause, pregnancy. Smoking has also been implicated in gum disease. Certain drugs have also been linked to gum disease for example Dilantin, an anticonvulsant is proposed to be involved in causing gingivitis. Poor diet, deficiency of vitamin c can also lead to gum disease. Family history, if one has parents who have had gingivitis there is a risk that one might develop it. On an endnote gingivitis is completely preventable all it needs is a change in one’s dental practice.

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Nerdy With A Brace No More!

Published / by Karma Gill

As our technology advances so as the medical field has been advancing more than ever. It is progressively advancing like no other. Even the little things matters and so are our teeth! They say hair is the crowning glory of a person but for me, it must be the teeth.Your teeth says something about you. It could be how clean or white it could be. There are people who wears braces and it really helps one to improve their teeth and not only that. This even improves their overall look. You could visualize someone’s trait depending on their teeth, well not most of the times this just happens very rarely. Remember, don’t judge a book by its cover!

If you you have to wear those freaky steel in your teeth, worry no more because you can now avail it by just simply having it on the back of your teeth. More freaky? Not really. You can now have braces in Point Cook without the people seeing it.

Orthodontist would check if you can avail this type. It is more light weight and it still fits comfortably. The common ones with brackets that are being worn worldwide by millions are just ordinary.

Think about having ones that are transparent

Innovative? Yes. Perhaps. If you have transparent braces you have to be cautious with the dirt that is in your teeth because it will look like you either have cavities or you just don’t brush your teeth well. We won’t like that! Nevertheless, if you take care of your teeth well. Transparent ones aren’t that bad. It really is boosting your confidence than the ordinary ones.

The nerd style isn’t so bad anymore in our generation.

Everyone thinks that most of the population is getting dumber everyday. That’s why geniuses or those that are intelligent or some may say a nerd is now respected due to their wisdom. It’s nice to have friends as such. You will be improving in your educational aspect but we know that social aspect should also be taken advantage for so don’t be so naive or aloof. Be more friendly and at the same time wise in your studies. You don’t need that honor roll to prove yourself. You just have to be hardworking and reach for your goals. For sure, your braces won’t define who you are. It will just take a while to reach your teeth goals and soon everything will be better in terms of the look you have and you will be able to gain more confidence.

The Top Signs To Reach Out For Emergency Dental Services

Published / by Karma Gill

The lesser the attention that you pay to your oral health, the more is the risk that you have for dental emergencies. Dental health conditions can be of extreme pain and also, come at the most unexpected time. Even if you don’t miss out on the most needed steps of dental care such as brushing and flossing daily, there are chances that you might have to go through a dental complication at the most unexpected time. There are certain signs that tell you visit a Camberwell junction dental right away so that you can avoid serious conditions and major pain in the future. Here are the signs you should look out for:

In case of Bleeding Gums

If you notice that your gums are bleeding, you should not take it lightly because this is a sign of an infection or the presence of a disease. If your gums are bleeding after you remove a tooth or if you have had any other dental treatment, it is essential that you hurry to the family dentist. The longer you wait, the more painful it would be and also, the condition would be more serious.

A toothache that Won’t go Away

When we have a tooth ache, most of us tend to think that the toothache will go away with time. What if the toothache doesn’t go away with time? If you are having a painful toothache which is persistent, it could be caused by numerous factors such as decaying of the tooth, a crack in the tooth, an abscessed tooth and much more. If the toothache last for 2 days or more, it is important that you seek out for emergency services of a dentist.

For Issues with Dental Fillings

If there are issues in the dental fillings that you have had, such as the fillings have gotten lost or if there is a crack in the bonding, visit a dentist right away for the required treatments. The longer you wait without professional treatments, the more would be the risk of infections and other negativities that might even require the problematic tooth to be removed. If there is an issue in the dental fillings, the dentist will take prompt action to bring things back to normal.

Are Your Teeth Cracked?

Another reason why you have to visit a dentist right away is if your teeth is cracked. Having your teeth cracked can increase the pain sensitivity of the teeth and will also increase the chances of the tooth getting infected as well.

Considerations When Looking For A Dentist

Published / by Karma Gill

Teeth are that part of the body that is very sensitive if not treated well, they may cause a serious pain as well. When it comes to your dental health then your doctor should be your friend as well. You should keep daily care for your teeth; frequent appointments to your doctor are one of the best ways to keep your teeth healthy. But, when it comes to choosing a dentist, we always get nervous and worried if the dentist is going to suit you or not. Nevertheless, dentists cost too much and have great value. In this matter, we are nervous because we do not want our money to be wasted and we are also nervous that if the dentist does not suit you. This is why you need to put some considerations first when you choose a dentist, just like a restaurant we go to, we first check its reviews and if they are good enough then only we try that restaurant otherwise we do not. So the best thing to choose a dentist is to check the following considerations and then only you should give that dentist a chance to treat you.


Qualification is a factor that should be considered when choosing a doctor because it is obvious that a person with more qualification will have more knowledge about the field. It is too rare that a person with less qualification sometimes beat the higher qualified person. But it is better to consider a dentist with a better qualification.


While looking for a dentist Alexandra Hills, you need to first look out for his reputation because reputation exactly describes the quality of the dentist. Everyone’s opinion matters and you should consider asking them about their experience of visiting that particular dentist.


While finding a good dentist, you should also consider taking references from other people too, they will tell you about their doctors that are suitable for them and their reference will be a helping hand for you to look out for better doctors in your town.


A dental clinic must be considered according to the hygiene they keep because a person goes to a clinic to be treated well; if the place is not hygienic then it is of no use because you cannot be treated when you have an unhygienic environment around you. A doctor must use hygienic tools and other equipment used for dental health purposes so that it does not affect the patient’s health.

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